Hawk Epoxy is a marine-grade, low viscosity epoxy system that makes a wide variety of construction, maintenance and creative projects a breeze. It is an easy-to-use system that facilitates building or repairing boats, surfboards, airplanes, drones, automobiles, furniture, concrete, works of art and other projects that require a high tensile strength, durable bonding and coating agent at a cost effective price. Bonding, fairing, coating and waterproofing fiberglass, metals, woods and textiles has never been easier and less expensive than with Hawk Epoxy.

The foundation of this versatile system is R1 Epoxy Resin that combines with one of four different application-specific Epoxy Catalysts and six unique Epoxy Fillers to provide up to 28 singular epoxy solutions for virtually any project. R1 Epoxy Resin is formulated to wet out and bond with fiberglass, wood, metal, and carbon fiber and Kevlar strengthening fabrics when mixed in the proper proportion with Hawk Epoxy Catalysts. Purchase by Category here: RESINCATALYSTSFILLERS

Buy the same size Resin and Catalyst: It is important to buy the same size Resin and Catalyst to ensure proper mixing ratio for the entire container of resin. (For example; if you buy a Size 1 Resin, buy a Size 1 Catalyst)

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Sea Hawk Paints Provides Professionals and DIY’ers Informative Hawk Epoxy Training Video Series

CLEARWATER, Florida, July 29, 2015 /News Release/ — Today Sea Hawk Paints, the world’s leading premium nautical coating brand, announced the introduction of a new series of informative Hawk Epoxy training videos to provide marine service professionals and do-it-yourselfers proven techniques for protecting and enhancing the longevity of their vessels....

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