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C3 Fast Cure Catalyst is used to harden R1 Epoxy Resin for barrier coating, fabric application and general bonding purposes when used in cooler ambient temperatures (40º or higher) or when accelerated cure time is required at room temperature. It's Pot Life at room temperature, when mixed in 6 ounce batches, is approximately 9 - 12 minutes. Its Cure Time at room temperature  is approximately 6 - 8 hours. Pot Life and Cure Time is lengthened when ambient temperature is below room temperature and accelerated when ambient temperature is above room temperature.

IMPORTANT: For optimal product utilization, be sure to choose the same Size for both the Base Resin and Catalyst. For example, if you choose Size 1 for the Hawk Epoxy Base Resin, also choose the Size 1 for the Catalyst. Mix ratios of Base Resin to Catalyst vary depending on which catalyst is being used. More details