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C5 Clear Finish Catalyst is used to harden R1 Epoxy Resin for clear-coating and waterproofing fiberglass, wood and textiles with virtually zero-blush. It's Pot Life at room temperature, when mixed in 4 ounce batches, is approximately 22 - 27 minutes. Its Cure Time at room temperature  is approximately 12 - 18 hours. Pot Life and Cure Time is lengthened when ambient temperature is below room temperature and accelerated when ambient temperature is above room temperature.

IMPORTANT: For optimal product utilization, be sure to choose the same Size for both the Base Resin and Catalyst. For example, if you choose Size 1 for the Hawk Epoxy Base Resin, also choose the Size 1 for the Catalyst. Mix ratios of Base Resin to Catalyst vary depending on which catalyst is being used. More details