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The Hawk Epoxy System has 6 Fillers that you can add to your epoxy to make your projects easier to sand, fill, fair out and sag-free.

F1 High Load Adhesive Fiber Filler - Thickens to a light grey color creating an easy to use adhesive designed for bonding hardware and other applications with dissimilar materials.  This mixture will maximize bond strength for anticipated high loads.


F2 Structural Adhesive Filler - Thickens to an off white color creating a general purpose thickening additive for bonding, gap filling and filleting. Mix to a workable consistency allowing sag free and easy flow properties for vertical and overhead applications.


F3 Light Density Adhesive Micro Fiber Filler - Thickens to an off white color, great for bonding many substrates, especially wood. The mixture also creates a multipurpose adhesive for many other substrates in addition to providing excellent substrate wetting and penetrating characteristics. Increases impact and abrasion resistance.

F4 Bridging Adhesive Filler - Thickens to a brown color creating an easy to use adhesive with excellent gap filling and filleting qualities.  This mixture blends with many different types of wood to allow for a natural looking fillet or gap fill.


F5 Light Density Fairing Filler - Thickens to a reddish brown color achieving an easy to sand and carve fairing compound while still remaining strong and light weight.


F6 MicroSphere Fairing Filler - Thickens to a white lightweight fairing compound for small to large areas. This closed celled structure can also be used for increased acoustic and thermal insulation.