Pump Kit 30-KT-S3 (Use with Size 3 Resin and Catalysts)

Sea Hawk Paints

$ 18.69

The Hawk Epoxy 30-KT and 30-KT-S3 Pump Kits provides easy and precise mixing of Hawk Epoxy Resin and Catalysts. They attach directly to the resin and catalyst containers and are calibrated to yield the proper mix ratio with one full pump stroke for both the resin and the catalyst.

Use the Pump Kit 30-KT for Size 1 (R1 Quart) and Size 2 (R1 Gallon) containers and use the Pump Kit 30-KT-S3 for Size 3 (R1 5-Gallon) containers.

To see how easy the pumps are to work with, watch the “Hawk Epoxy Proper Measuring and Mixing” video.

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