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R1 Epoxy Resin is the base of the Hawk Epoxy System. It is a premium quality, low-odor, clear liquid that hardens to a high strength solid when combined with one of four Hawk Epoxy Catalysts with each formulated to accommodate specific cure-times or applications. Once the R1 Epoxy Resin is combined with a Hawk Epoxy Catalyst, Hawk Epoxy Fillers can be blended into the mixture to create one of 28 unique epoxy blends that will accommodate virtually any project. For more information regarding which catalyst and/or filler to use see our Epoxy Catalyst and Filler Guide.

IMPORTANT: For optimal product utilization, be sure to choose the same Size for both the Base Resin and Catalyst. For example, if you choose Size 1 for the Hawk Epoxy Base Resin, also choose the Size 1 for the Catalyst. Mix ratios of Base Resin to Catalyst vary depending on which catalyst is being used. More details