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Sea Hawk Klear Kote Table Top Resin is a marine-grade, two-part epoxy system specifically for coating table tops, furniture and works of art that cures to a clear, glass-like surface which resists moisture, scratching and yellowing. Its unique formula, when applied in a thin film, flows and self-levels to yield a smooth, ripple-free plastic solid coating without blushing or distorting over time.

Applying Sea Hawk Klear Kote Table Top Resin is a breeze. Simply mix the two parts in equal proportions, pour the mixture in a zig-zag formation on the horizontal surface and spread it evenly with a foam brush. To eliminate any unwanted surface bubbles, wait five minutes and heat the coating with a propane blowtorch held 6-8 inches above the surface. Then allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours.