Born From The Sea!

In 1991 David Norrie was a young man when he took over a business that was founded by a brilliant chemist with the idea of marketing the best marine paints on the planet. Many thought he was crazy, but growing up in Florida he and his brother Erik loved everything about boating and with their father’s encouragement they were able to refocus the Sea Hawk brand on premium products that elevated the enjoyment of boating beyond all others. After convincing a few boatyards to try their bottom paints on motor yachts, it didn’t take long for the word about Sea Hawk’s superior performance to spread and more customers showed up at their doors. The company knew how to manage the efficiencies of handcrafting production batches to fill customer orders the very same day they came in and the Sea Hawk brand began to mature.

Over the past 35 years the company grew extensively and in the process gained expertise and competencies in all types of marine coatings. When approached by a customer who wanted to buy everything necessary to repair a damaged hull and resurface his yacht from the bottom up, David and Erik tasked their research and development department to formulate an easy-to-use, low-viscosity epoxy system to fill the customer’s needs and Hawk Epoxy was born. Since that time shipwrights around the globe have used the Hawk Epoxy system with its base resin, four catalyst and six filler options to perform virtually all types of marine construction and repair projects. At the same time maintenance professionals, DIYers and artists alike have discovered the advantages Hawk Epoxy brings beyond marine uses to surfboards, aircraft, automotive, furniture, concrete, hobby projects and anywhere high strength bonding and moisture resistance is required.


Hawk Epoxy Mission
To simplify yet elevate the work of construction and repair professionals, DIYers and artists alike.


The Norrie Brothers
David Norrie, President “The bottom line? Hawk Epoxy is the best bang-for-the-buck.”
Erik Norrie, CEO “I love the smell of epoxy in the morning.”

Functional Leaders
Mario Garneau, VP R&D/Chief Chemist, “Formulating excellence is what we do.”
Tommy Craft, VP Sales, “Step up, work hard and show value.”
Denis Laesker, International Sales Manager, “Deje de vender! Comience a ayudar!”
Kathy Hester, Customer Service Manager, “Service isn’t a skill, it’s an attitude!”
Joe Langdon, Plant Manager, “It’s all about a quantity of quality.”
Michael O’Keene, Marketing Manager, “Ensure the future by creating it today.”

The Sea Hawk Team

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